Pepper Nutrition – The Varieties and the Benefits

Pepper which is available in a variety of forms contains a large set of different nutrients and vitamins in them. Consuming this vegetable in any of these forms can only benefit the human body.

Pepper Nutrition – Vast Power

There is a vast variety of pepper which is available in the market and each and each one of them benefits the body in some way or the other on account of pepper nutrition. Right from the mild peppers like cherry pepper to the hottest ones like red cayenne peppers provide a rich source of various types of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Black pepper is the most aromatic of all the spices and is an important part of ethnic Asian cooking. Bell peppers also called as capsicum come in green, yellow and red colors. They have their own individual scale of pepper nutrition benefitting a multitude of problems by providing solutions like lowering risk of some Cancers, supporting cell production and improving lung health among many others.

Pepper Calories – Goodness of Nature

These vegetable carry a small amount of pepper calories. For the ones with a little sweetness like an average sized red pepper has 30 calories, the yellow one has around 36 calories and the green one has 18 calories approximatelyAn amazing fact is that the black dry pepper used most often as a spice has absolutely no calories. It can be added to any meal giving it a pungent and strong spicy scent and still have absolutely no effect on the calorie intake in your diet. Apart from the pepper calories, human bodies can very much benefit with a regular intake of this vegetable in any form whether they are included in salads, curries or even barbecue dishes.

Pepper Nutrition Facts – Multitude of Benefits

Including a green, yellow or red pepper in your everyday diet can do wonders for your immune system. With a large cache of vitamins like Vitamin C and A, antioxidants and others like calcium and potassium under its belt, it is the ultimate power food. Red peppers have another ingredient in high quantities as compared to its green counterparts, that of lycopene. This carotene helps the body develop a good resistance against heart diseases and also provides a certain degree of protection against cancer. Patients with high cholesterol levels can benefit from a diet rich in this particular vegetable. Pepper nutrition facts also show that the carotene content protects against possible cataract formation in the eyes.

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