Beauty Tips for Girls – Ideas of Ideal Teenage Makeover

Beauty tips for make-up depends on the skin type as hair styling depends on facial shapes. A nutritional diet makes your skin look healthy. Use of mascara at the tip of upper eye lashes and lip balm before applying a lipstick can give the best look.

Beauty Tips for Girls – Steps to Follow Meticulously

One of the best and easy beauty tips for girls for a healthy skin, is to drink 7-10 glasses of water a day apart from having a nutritious diet. Bathe in lukewarm water as it will not dry up your skin. Using creams with high SPF can safeguard your skin from the sun rays. Eyes should often be cleaned with water to remove dirt and germs. Placing cucumber on your closed eyelids can create a cooling effect and a good sleep can avoid the dark circles around your eyes. For hair care, mild shampoos can be used to retain the natural oils. Combs with wide tooth has to be used on a wet hair. Lipstick/lip balm with vitamin E can moisturize your lips. The best beauty tips for girls is to opt for natural products always.

Make up Tricks – Must Not Be Complicated

One of the best make up tricks is to use ice on the face before a concealer/foundation can hold your make up longer. The best eye make up tricks is to use mascara on the tips of the lashes in the upper eyelid only, this gives a very natural look. For smooth lips, apply lip balm before applying lipstick and for adding for volume, apply a transparent lip gloss over the lipstick in the middle of the upper lip. Blush should applied on the upper cheek bone and then brush horizontally till the center of the face. This makes the blush to be faded gradually at the apples of the cheek.

Hair Styling Tips – For Facial Shapes

Hair styling tips depends on the facial shapes and costumes. Its lucky to have an oval shape face as any kind of hair style works, however, short hair with a fringe looks best. For a round shape face, layers in the front or giving a long look at the top of the head works. Square shaped face should have a slanted look at the front to reduce the squareness. For a triangular face, softly curled hair near the jaw enhances the look.

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