Hong Kong Holidays – Traversing the World’s Most Dynamic City

Fun and adventure for the entire family is the prime attraction of Hong Kong holidays. This dynamic city has many wonderful sights, experiences and shopping opportunities that will make the holidays exciting and memorable.

Hong Kong Holidays – Places to Visit

There are a multitude of great places which are a must visit on any type of Hong Kong holidays that include towering skyscrapers, breathtaking beaches, serene mountain peaks with superb views and many religious places associated with Buddhism. Sai Kung waterfront and the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade are places for outdoor fun, which can be enjoyed by all members of the family together. The symphony of Lights at the Victoria waterfront presents a memorable presentation of light and sound multimedia show, which is unparallel in its effect and technology elsewhere in the world. Journey aboard the Star ferry around the various islands of Hong Kong and the massive bronze Tian Tan Buddha statue at the Lintau Island are some of the other attractions of Hong Kong holidays.

Hongkong Package Tour – Best Time to Plan

There are several customized plans for a Hongkong package tour, which can be availed as per your convenience but certain timing aspects will help planning out enjoyable visits, which can get the maximum possible value for money. Winters in Hong Kong can be extremely chilly with strong cold breezes at times and summers turn quite hot and humid making outdoor movement inconvenient. The best time of the year to visit Hong Kong is spring, which has mild temperatures and pleasant winds that add to the joy of visiting these exciting places. Additionally the period between September and December is also ideal for taking a Hongkong package tour as the temperatures would have dropped to more comfortable regimes by then and the rains would have subsided.

Hongkong Nightlife – Visitor’s Guide

There is plenty in store in the form of the famed Hongkong nightlife, which has a wide variety of entertainment avenues. The most famous pubs of Hong Kong which are worth paying a visit include Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s Oldest Pub, Lan Kwai Fong, Red, The Feather Boa, Aqua and the Knutsford Terrace. The Happy valley races at the Hong Kong Jockey Club are one of the most preferred places for foreign tourists to hang out at night. An essential point to be borne in mind while visiting these places that despite substantial police presence there are chances of anti social elements trying to take advantage of visitors especially at extreme late hours, which can be avoided by having a local guide or sticking to more decent timings.

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