Oman Holidays – Explore the Beautiful Sultanate

Sultanate of Oman, the capital of Muscat, is a great place to enjoy holidays with extraordinary scenery, warm atmosphere and beach front hotels. A relaxed life can be enjoyed here with some courtesies of the old world.

Oman Holidays – Places to Discover

Oman has some stunning deserts and tropical seas. The Indian Ocean atmosphere is relaxing and the tourists who want to enjoy Oman holidays can visit the Jalali and Mirani forts which are Portuguese forts situated near Muscat’s harbor and also the Al Alam Palace. Visitors can enjoy the museums situated near Muscat. Muttrah Souq is a jewelry market that sells gold jewelry, silver and Khanjar, the Omani daggers. Ruwi and Qurm also are great places for visiting. Those who wish to visit Muscat for Oman holidays must see the turtles, dolphins, migratory birds and the Frankincense trees as well as desert rose trees.

Visit Oman – Great Destinations to See

Oman has pristine landscapes and the tourists who visit Oman must see the AlHoota cave and the AlHoota cave lake. Khawr Najd lagoon has splendid scenery of sea as well as mountains. Bawshar Sands are great for sand-dunning. Al Fiqayn Fort is situated in Wilayt Manah. Staples, livestock as well as handicrafts can be traded in the Sinaw Thursday Market. AlWasta region has beaches surrounded by rocks and sands. If you are planning to visit Oman, you can also go to the Sharqiya Region which has beautiful beaches and turtle nesting sites and also desert dunes. Yitti has beaches and craggy mountains and Masirah has oases strewn with palms and beaches and flamingos. Bays with cliffs are the specialties of Mughsail.

Oman Tours – Explore it Fully

Oman is a very famous tourist destination because of its natural beauty and festivities. Some of the popular Oman tours are Wadi and Fort tour, an East Coast tour, tour to Nizwa, the Grand Canyon, Wahiba Sands and Salalah. The land is also famous for cultural landmarks and activities. You can also enjoy lots of festivals such as Muscat Festival, Sohar Music Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival, The Khareef Festival, etc. You can attend some cultural events if you arrange Oman tours during December to March end. Horse and camel racing, rock climbing, trekking, etc are the other attractions here.

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