Skin Whitening Product – Ideal Beauty Treatments to Achieve Fairer Skin

Skin whitening treatments are recommended for removal of skin pigmentations like age-spots, acne scars, freckles, suntan, etc. Before using any over-the-counter skin lightening product it is always wise to know about the skin friendly ingredients for identifying quality skin fairness products for best result.

Skin Whitening Product – Solution for Fair Skin

Skin whitening is also known as skin lightening or skin bleach therapy. A skin whitening product is recommended for topical application, which lightens skin tone by reducing concentration of melanin on skin, hence, improves level of skin fairness. Wide ranges of skin lightening products are available in market but before purchasing any product for personal use, one should check if the product ishypoallergenic and approved for sensitive skin,free from mercury or mercurous chloride, or hydroquinone content, andnon-steroid corticosteroid type.Skin lightening products based on tyrosinase and retinoid are mostly known for its good response however newly introduced LED systems are also showing positive results. It is safe to use a skin whitening product with organic tag although an organic skin care product is costlier than general over-the-counter skin fairness products.

Skin Whitening Soap – Fairness Therapy

A soap with skin bleach quality is used as skin whitening soap. Common chemical ingredients for these skin lightening soaps are glabridin, kojic acid, vitamin C, papain, L-glutathione, etc. However, fairness soaps with hydroquinone as active ingredient must be avoided as topical use of hydroquinone may cause skin cancer.Glabridin efficiently whitens skin tone by natural melting of melanin clusters. It is found in licorice extract.Papain is an enzyme with potential skin whitening quality, which exfoliates skin and disbands dull skin cells; papain based soaps remove freckles, sun spots, and acne scars efficiently.L-glutathione is a potential antioxidant that promotes cellular repair and lightens skin color.Kojic acid slows down skin pigmentation.Vitamin C and licorice reduce production of melanin and maintain skin radiance.A skin whitening soap may induce dryness; use of a moisturizer and sun block lotion will help the user in preventing dryness and extra melanin synthesis.

Skin Whitening Creams – Fairness Formula

Multiple cosmetic companies have launched different skin whitening creams and almost each of the brands is claiming their best efficiency for bringing permanent skin whitening effect. Selection for best whitening creams for treatment of dark skin is an intricate issue; however, one must consider these factors while choosing the best fairness cream for use. The creammust contain clinically tested ingredients,must not have any acute side effect,preferebly have sun tan protection,effective for women and men regardless of their ages,should have pleasant smell, andnon-greasy effect.It is always recommended to read user reviews for different popular skin whitening creams before finalizing a specific product for use.

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