Waxing Services – Professional Hair Removal Treatments

A waxing procedure guarantees the safe removal of unwanted hair. Performed in spas and exclusive salons, waxing lasts longer, decreases future hair growth and leaves the skin clean and smooth.

Waxing Services – Safe Hair Removal

Men and women can get rid of unwanted hair by visiting establishments that offer waxing services. Performed by licensed estheticians removal is done by applying heated wax over the hair growth direction. Paper or cloth strip is placed on top of the liquid substance, which clings to the hair as it cools. To remove, the cloth or paper is pulled from the opposite direction. Waxing services cover hair removal in various body areas like eyebrows, forehead, lip area, cheeks, chin, back, legs, arms, bikini line and many more. There are salons that exclusively offer hair removal services. Some major spas also offer waxing treatments. There are also mobile estheticians who can perform waxing procedure in the comforts of your home.

Wax Salon – Utmost Client Privacy

An establishment that specializes in hair removal is called a wax salon. Performed by certified technicians, services include removing unwanted hair from the bikini areas and other parts of the back, legs, arms, face, eyebrow, lips and chin. A wax salon has several individual rooms because the service requires utmost privacy. Brazilian wax is the most popular hair removal procedure. A regular bikini wax simply removes the hair outside the panty line while a Brazilian wax cleans out all the hair from the bikini area. The procedure lasts longer with less hair growth and softer hair strands. Most women go for a waxing service in order to look good in their skimpy two piece swim suit.

Spa Waxing – Relaxing Treatments

Some individuals prefer to have their wax treatment together with a relaxing massage. Spa waxing is recommended for those who like to save time and money by combining other treatments with their waxing procedure. Instead of going to different places everything is done in a single establishment. The benefits of regular waxing include thinner hair growth plus softer skin. Most spas also exude a rejuvenating ambience, which makes it the perfect environment for a bikini wax. After the procedure, clients can relax further while getting a massage or a facial treatment. Most establishments offer a complete line of treatments that includes waxing and hair removal, facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting and many more.

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