Baby Acne Treatment – Dealing with Neonatal Acne

Acne is common among babies and it usually appears on crown, forehead and cheeks. Excessive production of sebum by sebaceous glands is the cause of this health problem and it can be treated by using medicines and home remedies.

Baby Acne Treatment – Importance of Personal Hygiene

Infants get hormones from mothers through breast milk and these excess hormones are the primary causes of baby acne. Wearing dirty clothes may also lead to this health problem in infants. Blockage of follicles and overdressing are the other causes of acne in babies. Red or fleshy pimples are the symptoms of this disease. Baby acne treatment includes use of medicated creams such as hydrocortisone cream, ionic colloidal silver solution, etc. These treatments help to destroy bacteria. Cleansing child’s face gently with water and mild soap is also very effective. You should avoid oils and locations because these may worsen the situation. Squeezing of pimples should be avoided strictly. You should keep your baby’s skin clean always. Bacteria spread from clothes, blankets, pillow, bed, towels, etc., so these should be washed frequently. You can also include vinegar based product for baby acne treatment.

Acne Natural Treatment – Home Remedies

Baby acne can be treated naturally in a number of ways. Mix equal proportions of lemon juice with honey and rub this mixture in affected area with a cotton ball. Breast milk is a good medicine for acne natural treatment so apply a few drops in affected area. You can also prepare natural acne medicine by boiling 11/2 litres of water with blackberry, strawberry or raspberry leaves for three minutes. This is very useful for getting relief from itching. Applying a paste of oatmeal and yogurt is also effective for acne. Washing skin with a mixture of gram flour with unboiled milk is also useful. Home remedies for acne natural treatment also include a mixture of lime juice with groundnut, a mixture of fresh lime juice with boiled mild, aloe vera, ripe tomato paste, fresh mint juice, wheat grass juice, etc.

Acne Treatment Cream – Very Effective

While selecting a cream for acne, you should ensure that it does not make any irritation in the skin of your child. Hydrocortisone cream is very good for reducing irritation and itching. Acne treatment cream also includes Ionic colloidal silver solution. It is safe for tender skin of infants and it kills bacteria and removes excess oil. Baby Areno is effective for dry skin. Baby acne treatment creams help to reduce swelling and itchiness and these are also effective for reducing symptoms like redness. However, it is essential to consult a doctor before applying any creams. If the problem persists even after four months, consult a paediatrician for immediate medical care.

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