Glutamine Supplement – A Popular Choice Among Body Builders

Glutamine is an amino acid that is usually taken by athletes and body builders in the form of powder. The supplement decreases workout recovery time, minimizes muscle tissue breakdown and strengthens immune system.

Glutamine Supplement – The Role in Body Building

Glutamine is categorized as a conditionally essential amino acid. Although it is the most abundant amino acid found in the body, there are times when glutamine supplement is required to maintain certain vital balances. Research has shown that this supplementation can increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. The more stress your body is subjected to, the more glutamine that is taken away from your muscles. This is essentially the reason body builders and sportsmen take glutamine supplement to replenish their body of lost amino acids. Supplementation before an intensive workout maintains a healthy supply of glutamine in muscles. This allows the body to use glutamine present in muscles to synthesize protein and develop muscle mass. The amount of glutamine to be consumed depends upon the amount of work and diet. Beginning with smaller amounts and gradually moving to higher amounts is recommended.

Glutamine Benefits – List of Medical Advantages

Glutamine or L-glutamine is not as essential amino acid. However, in certain cases, glutamine benefits are several. This is especially when body demands the presence of extra glutamine or when the body is exposed to severe physical stress. Supplementation has been found to be beneficial in case of depression, anxiety, insomnia, moodiness, irritability, Crohn’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, excessive weight loss because of HIV or AIDS, mouth sores, cystinuria, stomach ulcers and sickle cell anemia. Glutamine benefits are also evident in fitness and body building since it is a very popular choice amongst those who want to build muscles and enhance athletic performance. Studies have proved that L-Glutamine supplementation helps to reduce muscle breakdown and enhance cell volumising and anti-catabolism.

Glutamine Side Effects – A Quick Look

There have been no reported significant glutamine side effects. However, a single case of high liver enzymes because of IV supplementation of glutamine has been reported and in some cases, the supplement is also known to cause mania in people suffering from bipolar disorder. There is a medical concern that this supplement may cause or worsen cancer since rapidly growing tumor cells can use glutamine as fuel. Also, high doses of glutamine can lead to side effects in brain like psychological problems because of buildup of ammonia and glutamate. Theoretically, the supplement also has chances of increasing risk of seizures. However, most of these problems are only observed theoretically and there have been no reported claims or evidence.

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