Home Cardio – Low and High Impact Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises commonly known as cardio workouts are ideal for those looking to shed those undesirable pounds. It not only helps you attain ideal weight but also keeps the risk of various heart problems and related ailments at bay.

Home Cardio – Different Forms of Workouts

You do not have to always head to your gym to do cardiovascular workouts. You can create your own gym at your home by buying certain equipment like treadmill, cross trainer, stationary bicycle etc. Exercises performed on these machines are the best forms of home cardio workouts. However, if you cannot afford to splurge on expensive equipment for exercising, then you can try other forms of cardio workouts like aerobics exercises. You can buy a CD or surf the internet for several videos for aerobics exercises. Dancing is also one of the most effectual cardiovascular workouts and unlike other exercises it is not boring and is a fun way of losing weight. Jumping rope is yet another beneficial home cardio workout.

Cardio Workouts at Home – Things to Remember

There are certain things that you must keep in and while doing cardio workouts at home for best results and to prevent any adverse effects on your body. It is very essential to warm up before starting your exercise regimen. Perform some stretching exercises and light exercises to prepare your body for cardiovascular exercises. Also ensure that you gradually elevate the intensity of your exercises. For instance, if you choose to jog around your house or garden, start at a low pace and then progress to high intensity jogging. After you finish your cadio workouts at home, take some time to cool yourself off by performing some light exercises.

Cardio Exercises at Home – Precautions

Those who suffer from some sort of injury in any part of the body should refrain from doing cardio exercises at home or outside at the gym till they recover from the same. People suffering from underlying conditions like arthritis, heart diseases, hypertension etc. should not try such exercises without doctor’s consent. Beginners should always start with low intensity cardio workouts in the initial days. After a week or so they can smoothly switch to high intensity workouts to prevent any wear and tear of muscles, bones and joints. Also wear comfortable clothes and superior quality sports shoes to minimize chances of injuries.

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