Knee Replacement Recovery – Various Treatments Available

Knee replacement is a surgical process which is used for getting relief from knee related diseases. The patients can recover from the surgery in a day and complete rest is prescribed after that. However, they can do some simple activities like ankle pumps and heel sides.

Knee Replacement Recovery – Permissible Activities

The knee replacement surgery is done due to physical conditions such as osteoarthritis, trauma, advanced form of rheumatic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, etc. After the surgery, physical as well as occupational therapies are required for knee replacement recovery. While the physical therapy helps in mobility along with strengthening, occupational therapy is beneficial for the learning tasks like washing and other activities of daily life. After the surgery, the patients can do regular activities at home. They can also do exercises such as quadriceps sets, ankle pumps, knee straightening and knee bends during the process of knee replacement recovery. Early recovery involves walking and climbing stairs. Advanced exercises include knee exercises along with resistance and cycling on a stationary bike.

Knee Surgery Recovery – Factors to Remember

Compared to the open surgery, recovery from knee surgery is faster in arthroscopy. Patients should follow the advice of the orthopedic surgeon for a successful knee surgery recovery when they return home. After the surgery, the knee should be put in elevated position. Application of ice reduces swelling. The patients should dress carefully and should use crutches and other forms of assistance. Bearing weight on foot should be done according to doctor’s advice. Patients should resume driving as per the doctor’s instructions. Medicines like aspirin are recommended for prevention of blood clots. Knee surgery recovery also involves regular exercises including therapeutic exercises and physical therapy for restoring movement and strengthening of muscles.

Knee Therapy – Exercises and Kits

Treatment methods of knee pain include rest, application of heat, ice, anti inflammatory medicines, cortisone injection and exercises. After knee arthroscopy, physical therapy should be done for restoration of strength and movement. Initially, exercises which do not bear weight are recommended. Knee therapy exercises include quadriceps contraction, hamstring contraction, gluteal sets and straight leg raises. Hip abduction, hip adduction, quarter squats and runners stretch are the other exercises that should be done. Kits of knee therapy are available for rehabilitation and strengthening of knees. The kit can be used at home and consists of professional equipments used by physical therapists.

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