Tooth Abscess – Showcasing Poor Dental Hygeine

Tooth abscess or dental abscess occurs as a result of bacterial infection. The infected substances accumulate in the teeth, between gums and jaws and forms pus like substance infecting the centre of the tooth and gradually entire mouth.

Tooth Abscess – Causes and Risk Factors

One of the main reasons behind tooth abscess is lack of oral hygiene. It is very essential to clean your mouth thoroughly after having meals and brush at least two times a day. Those who do not practise such habits develop plaque in teeth, which in turn lead to dental decay and related problems. Formation of plaque can weaken the teeth and result in dental cavities, which ultimately results in abscess. Those with broken or chipped tooth can also develop tooth abscess. The inner portions of chipped tooth can easily get infected with bacteria due to lack of outer covering on teeth. This infection can spread further and can damage the bones holding the teeth also.

Tooth Abscess Symptoms – Know the Signs

Sharp, shooting, intolerable pains are the hallmark symptoms of dental abscess. Any kind of pressure on teeth can elevate the levels of pain. One might also experience a bitter taste in the mouth if suffering from this infection. Bad breath and unpleasant odour from mouth is one of the most obvious tooth abscess symptoms. A person suffering from this infection might also experience fever and a feeling of extreme discomfort and uneasiness. High sensitivity against cold and hot foods is one of the most annoying symptoms of this condition. Some other tooth abscess symptoms involve swelling in areas around neck and jaws, pus drainage, etc.

Tooth Abscess Treatment – Tips

In most cases antibiotics abates the severity of this infection and hence most dentists prescribe the same for tooth abscess treatment. Along with these antibiotics, the sufferer might also be prescribed pain killers and pills to bring down fever. If the tooth has undergone some amount of damage then root canal might be recommended. The last resort for tooth abscess treatment is surgery, which might involve elimination of severely damaged tooth. While seeking treatment, one can try salt water rinses with lukewarm water few times a day for fast recovery. Maintaining good oral hygiene is suggested for keeping such dental problems away.

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