Travelling to Mexico – Advice and Tips for a Safe and Fun-filled Journey

Mexico City is the capital of a Spanish-speaking country with 31 states. Thus, ability to speak the language when traveling to Mexico is helpful if one wants to get around the places, especially in the rural areas.

Travelling to Mexico – What to Remember

Drugs and other crimes come to mind when travelling to Mexico. That is why safety when travelling to this country should be utmost in one’s mind to make it fun-filled and enjoyable. It is advised to be cautious in public transports as well as in ATMs where robberies occur. It is also wise to have local contacts and travel without a guide or taking an unusual route is discouraged. When travelling to Mexico, it is good to be aware of hurricane season, which is from June to November. Most of all, travelers are requested to possess the proper entry and exit documents and be able to present them when necessary.

Mexican Holiday – Witnessing Festivals

If one is interested in seeing the festivals of Mexico, then one should be aware of when and where they are celebrated. One Mexican holiday which features dancing and bullfights is the Candlemas festival or the Dia de la Candelaria with its great celebrations in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalapa, Talpa de Allende, Jalisco or Santa Maria del Tuxla, Oaxaca. Another famous festival would be the Carnaval, which happens just before Lent. It is a five-day celebration of the Catholic Church featuring parades, floats and street-dancing. This Mexican holiday can be witnessed in Ensenada, La Paz, Veracruz and Mazatlan.

Mexico Tourist Attractions – Glimpses

Aside from the festivals that mark a holiday, it is also worthwhile to visit Mexico tourist attractions. One in pursuit of Mexico’s past and culture can visit Baluarte de San Carlos in Campeche with its walls, fortifications and historical museum. Nearby, one can take a trip to Hecelchakan with its archaeological ruins. Travelers may also wish to see the government palace in Guadalajara and what the façade of a Mexican palace, chateau or castle looks like. Hospicio Cabañas may also appeal to anyone interested in neo-classical architecture and a place declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mexican art, including furniture and native artifacts, may also be seen in Morelia.

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