Garden Building – Know More about the Multifunctional Constructions

Constructing a garden cabin makes the garden appear beautiful and attractive. This is an appropriate site to keep a wide range of garden equipments and accessories thus making your garden look neat and tidy.

Garden Building – Types of Buildings

Garden cabin or garden building is specially designed wooden buildings, which can be installed in a few hours at any suitable location for you. The buildings usually cover 16*2 feet, or they can also be customized as per individual requirements. The buildings are usually constructed from protrim pressure treated tongue as well as the groove cladding, which is set on a timber frame. The cladding is filled with a film that helps in repelling water and polystyrene insulates the building. The inner side of the building is covered with moisture resistant MDF layer. Most of the garden building also has laminated floors that are set on the top of the insulation layer and tongue and groove floor boards. The exterior of the roof is made up of ply wood and is insulated in the same way as the floor is insulated. The front portion is made from wood grain PVC frame and a double glazing skin stretches along the full height of the front wall. This helps in letting sufficient amount of sunlight inside the building.

Garden Houses – Popular House Types

There are many uses of garden houses, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be used from garden workshops to even summer houses. While planning a house you must consider the best available design that makes optimal use of the available space. You must also plan interior dimensions, structural shapes, color, intended use, and even window and door position. For constructing a garden house, for tool storage, the shape of the house is often rectangle. A security window always suits this sort of houses. The windows are also fitted with sky lights, which often have the same shape as that of the window. If you prefer a wide window, then they are fitted into a metal mesh built inside the glass which prevents the pane from breaking. Summer garden houses are another popular option, and the buildings have a summit style roof, which is raised in the center suitable for water drainage. When constructing a garden workshop, vertical space is essential. Standard designs include 14*10 feet tall. Bespoke shed is other options for company gardens.

Garden Tent – Self Construction

Constructing a garden tent is an easy and amusing task, especially for children. In order to construct a tent in your garden, first, choose a soft area in the garden and clean the area by removing sticks, stones, or rocks. Then put two sticks of the same length inside the ground about six feet apart from each other. A tarp is then laid across the two sticks making sure that the middle of the tarp is on the top of the sticks. The edges of the tarp can then be pulled in both directions, to form a triangle. The rocks are then placed in the corner in order to secure the tarp. You can also join a rope from the suspended edges to the tree trunks for securing the tent. You can also place additional tarp for water proofing the tent.

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