Garden Makeover – Remodelling for an Appealing Look

Weedy, neglected lawns around the house can be transformed into attractive rest areas or places for receiving guests with the help of landscape professionals or basic gardening ideas. Adding flowers and different fauna will enhance the appearance of a plain landscape.

Garden Makeover – Various Ideas

An overlooked side yard can be turned into a shaded patio made of recycled slate tiles and other garage sale items, and adorned with exotic potted plants. This kind of garden makeover is not only environmentally friendly, it is also cost-effective. An exposed air conditioner at one side of the house may be covered with low-care plantings such as daffodils, switchgrass, blue fescue and Joe Pye weed, which are all relatively deer-resistant. The cover also helps shade the air conditioner and as a result saves energy. A plain, uninspiring yard can undergo a garden makeover that showcases the homeowner’s personality. A yard may be developed into a big patio that can serve as an extension of the living room, surrounded by evergreens and plants with different shapes and needle colors.

Garden Paths – Designs

Homeowners with cottage gardens should go for slate garden paths to enhance the garden’s theme. The slate can be bordered with flowers such as lilies and pansies in different colors. Another practical design for garden paths is a brick walkway, which suits a variety of gardens and can be done without professional assistance. Grassy yards can be more appealing with reinforced grass pavers, which are basically staggered flat steps. A more intricate option is the pebble mosaic, which creates a whimsical path to the garden. Gardens that are prone to edging plants could be remodeled with a curving path by a stone retaining wall made of gravel and flagstone.

Contemporary Gardens – Landscaping

A typical modern garden is characterized by clean lines, blocky shapes, and plants with varying heights. A modernist house may feature planter boxes that conform to the building design, sunken plants that peek from the decking, and geometrically trimmed shrubberies. A lot of contemporary gardens have themes and are decorated with colorful furniture. A walled garden’s appearance can be softened with eye-popping colors of pot plants as well as bright chairs and rugs. Split-level gardens can look modern through brightly painted flowerbeds containing easy-care evergreens of diverse colors. The use of minimalist furniture and accessories also contribute to the contemporary ambience of any type of garden.

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