Privacy Trees – Creating Ideal Hedges for Concealment and Seclusion

In seeking a bit of seclusion in residential homes and properties, planting shrubs and privacy trees make decorative additions to home gardens and can provide ample coverage.

Privacy Trees – Creating an Ideal Curtain of Privacy

The use of privacy trees is very common for those who wish to have their own space, free from prying eyes of neighbours. The kind of trees which are commonly used have wide foliage growth, covering up open spaces to create a natural, and beautiful screen of privacy. When selecting privacy trees for the home, it is important to read on their literature and be educated about their lifespan, height, growth rate, and the amount of space the trees will take up. Among the most common trees used for privacy are the Thuja green giant, Leyland cypress, Carolina cherry laurel, and the emerald green arborvitae.

Arborvitae Trees – Evergreen and Cypress Family Members

The arborvitae trees are members of the cypress family, and are classified as evergreen trees. These trees may grow from 10 to 60 feet tall, and have large, scale-like leaves. These are trees that prefer slightly acidic soils, however, some varieties can survive in an alkaline environment as well. These trees prefer occasional watering with good soil drainage; however, they are known to survive even with the poorest soil conditions. The arborvitaes will grow well wherever there is full sun; they may not survive in colder areas. Arborvitaes have different shapes; some are shaped like cones, some are tall and skinny, while others grow like short, rounded shrubs. In using arborvitae trees to create privacy in homes, a variety of foliage shapes may be used in order to create an exotic appeal.

Juniper Trees – Ornamental Fruit Bearing Trees

Adorned with lush green and saw-toothed leaves, juniper trees are wonderful additions in the garden. By nature, these trees are fragrant, and will bear tiny blue fruits, which are loved by different kinds of animals. Since junipers are members of the evergreen trees, they will also have a very thick pyramidal foliage; this is the main reason why they are planted as natural privacy fences in residences. The juniper can grow up to 38 feet tall with a whopping 30-foot diameter; these may be grown to reach their full height, or pruned frequently and kept as either a shrub, or a small tree.

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